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FEB Wed 7-Jan-15 Mon 12-Jan-15 Tue 3-Feb-15
MAR Wed 4-Feb-15 Mon 9-Feb-15 Tue 3-Mar-15
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Editorial Topics

January 2015: Future Tech

February 2015: Best Products of the Year

March 2015: Must-Know Windows Tips

April 2015: 100 Things Every PC User Should Know

May 2015: Fast Windows Fixes

June 2015: Fix Your Worst Tech Habits

July 2015: 12 Tech Habits You Should Be Doing (But Aren’t)

August 2015: Greatest Sites You’ve Never Heard Of

September 2015: Hot New Laptops

October 2015: Time-Saving Tips From the Experts

November 2015: Inside the Next Windows

December 2015: Ultimate Hardware Buying Guide

Digital Specifications

The PCWorld Standard

PCWorld offers Web-enabled ads in our Enhanced Digital and Zinio Editions. Connect the reader with your website and/or the website of a retail partner at no additional cost.

Files to Submit:  Onejpg file. Portrait only. Will be inserted into our replica edition.

Photoshop Ad Dimensions:
1746 pixels wide x 2330 pixels high
Resolution: 300 ppi
Color mode: RGB
File format: JPG

The PCWorld Standard Plus

We offer audio and video in our Enhanced Digital and Zinio Editions. Please ask your Sales Director for production charges. Video feature

High quality video for both iPad an Android
Codec: H.264
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Sequence: 30 fps
File format: .mp4
Bit rate: 2 mps

Audio settings
Codec: AAC-LC
Bit rate: 128 kbps
File format: .mp4

The PCWorld Premium

We offer additional interactive options in our Enhanced Edition only. Please ask your Sales Director for production charges.

  • Native pages with pop-ups (tap to reveal hotspots)  Pop-up feature
  • Gallery with thumbnails
  • Slideshow with swipe  Slideshow feature
  • Series of images to produce 360-degree effect  360 feature
  • Embedded HTML5 ad units


(Please upload all digital assets as .zip files)

Please keep attachments down to 10MB.

Host: ftp.pcworld.com
User ID: pcwadsin
Password: oktopost
Directories: /incoming


Nancy Jonathans (415) 267-1716