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Editorial Topics

October 2013

iPad @ Work

November 2013

20 Best Apps

December 2013

Our Annual Gear Guide

January 2014

The Future of Mac

February 2014

Editor’s Choice Awards

March 2014

Keep Your Mac Safe and Secure

April 2014

100 More Things Every Mac User Should Know

May 2014

Fast Mac Fixes

June 2014

Work Faster, Smarter

July 2014

Play Music and Movies in Any Room

August 2014

Use Your iPad at Work

September 2014

New iOS, New Apps

October 2014

Hot New Mac Apps

November 2014

New iPhones

December 2014

Gear Guides

Note: All Editorial plans subject to change. Editorial calendars are normally only solidified one month in advance.

Creative Specifications

Physical Specifications, Run of Book (ROB)
Trim Size: 7.875” x 10.5”
Printing Process: Web Offset, SWOP
Binding Method: Perfect
Line Screen: 150 dpi
Total Ink Coverage: Not to exceed 300%

Mechanical Requirements

Fractionals Width Height
2/3 vertical 4.675″ 9.575″
1/2 horizontal 7.25″ 4.75″
1/3 vertical 2.27″ 9.575″
1/4 square 3.5″ 4.75″

(No bleed on fractional ads.)
* These ads will always appear on the lower half of the page.

Full Page Width Height
Live Area 7.375″ 10″
Trim Area 7.875″ 10.5″
Bleed Area 8.125″ 10.75″

(Live matter not intended to bleed should extend 0.25″ from the trim.)

Spread Width Height
Live Area 15.25″ 10″
Trim Area 15.75″ 10.5″
Bleed Area 16″ 10.75″

(Live matter not intended to bleed should extend 0.25″ from the trim.)
Total gutter width 0.75″ = 0.25″ (from live to trim) + 0.125″ grind-off x 2 (pages).

Reminders When Preparing Files
Please avoid the most common errors in client PDF files by submitting PDF/X-1a certified files. Native applications are NOT accepted for run-of-book ads.

  1. Files should be compliant with the PDF 1.3 Specification (PDF/X-1a:2001 with output intent CGATS TR001).
  2. Images must be hi-res (minimum 300 dpi), CMYK or grayscale color space. Please flatten all transparencies using the high resolution transparency flattener setting.
  3. All art is to be within live area (at least 1/4″ from trim). Provide 1/8″ beyond trim on all sides for bleed.
  4. Please include all printer’s marks and color bars in file. All marks should be 1/4″ outside trim.
  5. Label your files and disks clearly with the following:
    e.g. Advertiser_Macworld_July09.sit

Shipping Address:
Macworld Production Department
501 Second Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco CA 94107
Ph: (415) 243-3511 Fax: (415) 243-3543

E-mail attachments must not exceed 10MB. When larger, send files via our FTP site.

FTP Incoming
FTP Host:
User ID: drop-folder
Password: drøpm3 (note: that’s a zero)

Hard Copy and Proofs
One SWOP color proof with color bars is required. Macworld Magazine prints according to SWOP standards.

Please provide a proof printed from the final digital file based on SWOP specifications. Only CMYK process colors are used. PMS, Lab, or RGB colors will be converted to CMYK which may result in color shifts. Macworld is not responsible for the outcome of the ad unless a digital SWOP proof is provided.

For Assistance, Contact:
Tamara Gargus, Prepress Manager, (415) 243-3511,