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-Dan Miller
Executive Editor

Macworld is the leading voice on the Apple ecosystem, covering everything from the Mac and OS X to iPhones, iPads, and more. With unmatched perspective and definitive expertise, we help people who love Apple learn what’s new, what’s best, and what they need to know about the products they love. Whether you’re a Mac die-hard or an iPad newbie, turn to Macworld to make the most of the Apple universe.

Macworld is also IDG’s leader in trailblazing new platforms and media formats. With apps on both iPhone and iPad and a premium website subscription offering, our products aim to satisfy the hunger of a passionate and loyal audience. Macworld Superguide ebooks are also best-selling sources of Apple wisdom and education.

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Macworld Audience Demographics

Male* 66%
Female* 34%
Adult 18 to 34* 41%
HHI $75K+* 51%
HHI $100K+* 33%
I am enthusiastic about consumer electronics and digital services** 82%
My friends and family usually come to me for advice on computers, technology and consumer electronics** 81%
I am among the first of my friends/colleagues to try new technology and new technology products** 65%
I know more about computers and technology than most other people I know** 80%
Any Technology Purchase Involvement at work** 67%
Business Decision Maker (IT or not)** 37%
Company size 1 to 499** 62%

Plan to Buy, next 6 months*

Smartphone 27%
Tablet 32%
Printer 36%
Security 23%

Source: *ComScore (2012), **IDG Consumer & SMB Audience Profile (2012)